Our focus on efficiency and effectiveness results in noticeable savings in resources, money and time, and creates positive impact for the environment. MFAR as an organization believes in continually improving its processes. This ultimately leads to more optimal systems and sustainable resource utilization.
In addition, we imbibe active learning from the field, reappraise work conditions, and consistently plan to design systems for sustainability and resourcefulness.

Efficiency and optimization at the core of our functions

  • Top Down Construction

    MFAR Manyata Tech Park Phase II & Phase IV is the first building in India executed through the Top Down Construction method. It is a LEED certified building and stands out as a benchmark for green building standards in the IT capital of India.

  • System Formwork

    Using System Formwork, MFAR undertakes Fast Track Building Construction. Aside from significant cost savings, MFAR provides design, delivery, site support and buy-back after job completion.

  • Integrated Management System

    MFAR is compliant to the Integrated Management System that sets global standards for Quality, Environment and Safety.

  • Real-time Resource management

    Our flagship construction business is today entirely managed on an ERP platform that enables our project managers to have a real-time hold on the implementation work on ground, bringing in live tracking and administration.