Welcome to MFAR Carbon

Enabling clean air and water, naturally

Our concern for the environment and desire to compete globally, all came together in MFAR Carbon. The company has successfully created an extremely valuable industrial product from coconut shells, a natural resource. The product has wide application across industries.

Industrial Applications of Activated Carbon solutions
  • Precious Metal Extraction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Defence
  • Petroleum & Gas

Our History
Leveraging the potential opportunity, MFAR set-up the Activated Carbon business in 1995 in Edayar, Kerala.
MFAR Carbon has several firsts to its credit: A pioneer in the utilisation of a commonly available raw material like coconut shell, to manufacture clean-tech products, and breaking new ground in environmental protection.
For more information, Visit www.activechar.com and www.igcl.com 
Track Record
MFAR produces over 14,000 MT tonnes of Activated Carbon annually, with unmatched product expertise and quality.
MFAR’s technical acumen has resulted in the introduction of a wide range of products and solutions. MFAR exports activated carbon to more than 52 countries across the globe.