MFAR has always worked hard to build with environmental consioussness at heart. We aim to minimise adverse environmental impact while carrying out our business. Environmental benefits are at the heart of our work in each vertical – be it in Constructions, Development, Hospitality or Manufacturing.

The Future of Doing Good – Naturally

  • MFAR Constructions uses modern techniques to optimize material usage, reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Manyata Tech Park reflects MFAR Developers’ commitment to energy conservation and maximizing through use of cutting edge techniques and technologies.
  • MFAR is a pioneer manufacturer of coconut shell-based activated carbon which has several important applications in the environmental and air purification space.
  • Winner of the 2007 Golden Peacock Award for Environment Management, MFAR was assessed by an independent international jury dealing with various aspects of environment preservation and protection.