At MFAR employees are more than just human resources. Employees are our partners in progress and are at the core of the long-term vision of the company. A career at MFAR is embodied in our Founder’s vision that the nation is built through collective action – by delivering products and services to empower the lives of people.

Today it is this driving force that is carried forward in the hearts and spirits of thousands of our employees for whom each day is an opportunity to create bigger, brighter and better outcomes for the organisation, society and the country.

We firmly believe in the principle of ‘Employee First’.

Life At MFAR

Efficient organizations, those with the highest output and quality levels are also the ones with the best employee satisfaction levels. People, prosperity and planet are the most important of the three P’s of our organization. In everything we do, we believe in the philosophy of:

  • Treating employees fairly and equitably
  • Operating ethically and with integrity
  • Respecting human rights
  • Sustaining the environment for future generations

Life at MFAR is centred around the following guiding principles:

  1. Building A Career. Constantly getting new opportunities to work in different functions and businesses and thereby demonstrating excellence.
  2. Building Cross-Functional Expertise. Because MFAR exists in multiple business verticals – the scope of exposure is very high. Employees are encouraged to explore the work culture available in construction, hospitality and manufacturing
  3. Building Human Capital. When employees get opportunity, learning and job security, their engagement quotient is maximised, leading to empowerment and growth.
  4. Building Exemplary Standards. This is an environment where serious professionals can come to contribute to industry, to society and to themselves to make a positive all-round difference.
Learning and Development

MFAR offerers all-round exposure to our employees in varied industries. We provide numerous opportunities to our employees in both technical and support functions. These are backed by enriching technical and behavioral learning programmes. We groom our employees to become technical experts and business managers and provide them opportunities across platforms and verticals.